AEZO was created to enhance and sustain relationships between African Economic Zones and Government Institutions. This union of African Economic Zones will facilitate cooperation to achieve strategic objectives and will contribute on the socio-economic development of AEZO members.

AEZO has built a strong team to work for the growth of the organization and to develop more services for members and partners.

AEZO aims to create solid connections between Economic Zones Authorities, Companies, Consultants and Government Organizations through sharing experiences and knowledge in order to establish the most effective models and strategies for Economic Zones in Africa.

AEZO provides an interactive platform and networking tools for African Economic Zones to develop B2B business partnership opportunities and share the best practices in economic zones framework and governance.

Since its creation, AEZO has developed strong relationships and a decent database of economic zones partners in Africa and around the world. Economic Zones Partners in AEZO database receive newsletters and the events calendar periodically.

Regional Workshops and Webinars are organised frequently to discuss innovations, logistic services, international and regional legal framework, and solutions for efficiency in economic zones.

AEZO has developed a smart tool named “Economic Zones Atlas” where African Economic Zones data can be consulted. This tool provides up to date informations about African Economic Zones development. The members contribute on the development of “Economic Zones Atlas” by updating their country data and providing the latest Economic Zones ongoing and completed projects and available documents.

AEZO members benefits access to the exchange platform, support services, scheduled workshops and webinars videos.