22 April 2020

AEZO’ WEBINAR BEST-OF II SEZ at the Ere of the new African Continental Trade Context: Guidelines and Challenges

19 February 2020

AEZO’S WEBINAR BEST OF II Role of Infrastructure Facilities in attracting FDI within Economic Zones in Africa

11 September 2019

AEZO’S WEBINAR BEST-OF II Industry 4.0: New Challenges for Economic Zones in Africa

25 July 2019

AEZO’S WEBINAR BEST-OF II African Economic Zones between Theory and Practice

8 May 2019

AEZO’S WEBINAR BEST-OF II FDI within Economic Zones

17 February 2019

AEZO’S WEBINAR BEST-OF II Developing Competitive Advantage: Main driver to attract Investment within African Economic Zones

27 November 2018

AEZO’S WEBINAR BEST-OF II The Fundamentals for the development of new emerging industrial sectors with Economic Zones

29 January 2018

Legal and Fiscal FrameWork – Economic Zone attractiveness