Economic Zones have multiplied around the world since the 1980s, mainly in response to the wave and changes in global trade and industrial value chain. The Economic Zones are becoming the most popular instrument for developing economies in emergent countries. The African Economy is also following this successful model, duplicating and deploying performent practices.

More than 200 Economic Zones have been implemented in the African continent, with the objective to attract Foreign Direct Investments and offer suitable facilities to host industrial, logistic & service activities.

Africa Economic Zones Organization (AEZO) is a continental association consisting of leading public and private institutions in charge of the Development, Management and Promotion of Economic Zones in Africa.

Founded in November 2015 by Tanger Med, Africa Economic Zones Organization (AEZO) is striving to support African Economic Zones projects and strengthen relationships within its ecosystem with devoted focus on growth and prosperity.

Africa Economic Zones Organization (AEZO) is guided by its strategic orientations to “foster collective knowledge sharing, provide strategic and technical assistance, connect with international business network and promote sustainable economic models and practices”.