Export Processing Zone Authority (EPZA) is an autonomous Government agency governed by a Board of Directors. It operates under the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment. EPZA is responsible for steering and implementing government policy on promotion of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in Tanzania.
THE EPZ manages Six SEZ Industrial Parks:

  • Kamal Industrial Park (279 Acres)
  • Global Industrial Park (25 Acres
  • Millennium Business Park (25 Acres)
  • Hifadhi EPZ (20 Acres)
  • Kisongo EPZ (70 Acres)
  • Benjamin William Mkapa SEZ (65 Acres/Got)

The undergoing SEZ projects in Tanzania:

  • BAGAMOYO Special Economic Zone will be built on a 9,000 Ha area. It Located 50km North of Dar es Salaam City.
  • MTWARA SEZ/Freeport Zone will be built on a 2650 ha area. The project include industrial Parks, Logistics Centers, and FreePort Zone (10+100 ha) for Oil And Gas activities.
  • KIGOMA SEZ with 3000 ha set aside. The project will include commercial, industrial and tourist parks.

In 2013, 87 EPZ Enterprises were operating in existing zones with $ 1,150 million of Capital Investment.