Rwanda’s Special Economic Zones Program was put in place back in 2006. More activities were undertaken in order to move forward this program.
At the regulatory framework level, the Special Economic Zones Authority of Rwanda (SEZAR) has been established to regulate, coordinate, administer, and provide strategic planning and monitoring for Special Economic Zones in Rwanda in accordance with the Zones Law and Regulations. This Authority is based at the Rwanda Development Board (RDB).
The Kigali Special Economic Zone has been set up through the merger of former Kigali Free Trade Zone and the original Kigali Industrial Park projects.
The Kigali Special Economic Zone is being developed in two phases. Phase I of KSEZ is on 98 Hectares of land with all the plots (89 in total belonging to 61 investors) fully booked.
Some investors have already started operations in this phase.
Infrastructure development in phase II of the KSEZ is so far at more than 40% with the main works on access roads construction, electricity roll out and water systems.
While one investment project is operational in this phase the rest of the plots are booked by 11 investors up to 60% of the available surface area for investment.
Website: www.rdb.rw