The Offshore Development Company (ODC) has been established in accordance with Article 26 of the EPZ Act. It is the institution charged with the promotion, marketing, monitoring and co-ordination of all export processing zone activities and the provision of umbrella service to EPZ enterprises in the country in general.
Where an area or location has been declared or designated as an EPZ, the ODC works in close collaboration with the EPZ Management Company assigned to manage that zone. An example of this is the Walvis Bay EPZ, which is managed by the Walvis Bay EPZ Management Company.
The established companies in the Walvis Bay EPZ are involved in the manufacturing of plastic pallets and products, automotive parts, fishing related accessories and diamond cutting and polishing.
The Company ODC manages Industrial and Business Parks and leases theses premises to both foreign and domestic investors. These parks are located at Oshikango, Katima Mulilo, Katwitwi and Omahenene. A new park is being developed in Omahenene. In addition, the company also manages two gemstone centers Karibib and keetmanshoop.
The Oshikango Park consists of 14 warehouses which fully occupied by tenants. Over 359 jobs have been created at the Katima Mulilo Park. Oshikango Park has generated around 220 jobs. Katwitwi Park has created 38 jobs during phase IIII development. At Omahenene Park, 57 jobs have been created during the construction phase.
Today, some 30 companies, from Africa, Asia, Europe and North America are fully operational and making use of the EPZ incentives in Namibia. In terms of employment, 2518 employee are working in the enterprises currently operating in the EPZ during 2012.
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