Djibouti free zone (DFZ)

Operational since 2004, the Free Zone of Djibouti (DFZ) positions Djibouti as the regional logistics, trade and marketing hub for the import, warehousing, processing and re-export of goods to and from the eastern African countries.
DFZ is developed over 40 hectares near the Port and the Airport.

  • Warehouses of 614 mh and 1,340 m² with integrated office units
  • Land plots serviced with utilities ranging from 2,000 m² to 15,000m²
  • Light Industrial Units of 510 m² with integrated office units
  • Office units fully operational
  • 1 hangar of 9,100 m² designed to accommodate aid cargo.

Djibouti’s Ports and Free Zones Authority is responsible for administering and controlling free zones. It approves requests for approval of companies wishing to set up in a free zone.
Companies operating in a free zone must employ at least 30% of Djiboutian personnel by the end of their first year of operation, and at least 70% by the end of the fifth year. Around 175 companies are currently listed in the registers of Djibouti’s Ports and Free Zones Authority.